Adventure · Fantasy · Horror

The Library of the Dead (Edinburgh Nights #1) by T.L. Huchu

A great story in the historical town of Edinburgh. A creative breath of fresh air, this story is action packaged with ghosts and spirits roaming the streets and a secret library with a dark secret. We follow the story of Ropa, a young girl that decides to drop out of school to become a ghosttalker,… Continue reading The Library of the Dead (Edinburgh Nights #1) by T.L. Huchu

Horror · Thriller

Harrow Lake by Kat Ellis

Attention this review contains spoilers! It was actually going so so well… until the ending. It’s psychological terror in a creepy old town, with some very strange inhabitants. The perfect setting and a great protagonist. Welcome to Harrow Lake. Lola Nox is the daughter of a celebrated horror filmmaker, enjoying life by breaking all of… Continue reading Harrow Lake by Kat Ellis

Horror · Short Stories · Suspense

The Strange Casebook (Essex Witch Museum Mystery) by Syd Moore

A quick, enjoyable read, these six short stories are the perfect read for fans of the horror genre. These fascinating, mysterious and brief stories grow in intensity and it’s very easy to connect with them, no matter how strange they get. They’re all written very nicely, carefully selected from the world of Essex Witch Museum… Continue reading The Strange Casebook (Essex Witch Museum Mystery) by Syd Moore

Horror · Suspense · Thriller

Psycho Analysis by V.R. Stone

This book was an absolute delight to read! For a debut novel, I most say I'm highly impressed. From the story line, the characters, the build-up and the ending, V.R. Stone revealed himself to be a great thriller writer. The story follows three main characters with a troubled past that haunts their present. Sarah, a strong… Continue reading Psycho Analysis by V.R. Stone

Fantasy · Horror · Middle-Grade · Mystery · Paranormal

A Graveyard Visible by Steve Conoboy

A refreshing horror story that introduces the idea of an expanding cemetery. Caleb can see an old graveyard from his bedroom window and it seems to grow bigger every day. Even though funerals take place there every night, no one in their town is dying. As Caleb takes it upon himself to measure the graveyard,… Continue reading A Graveyard Visible by Steve Conoboy