Adventure · Fantasy · Horror

The Library of the Dead (Edinburgh Nights #1) by T.L. Huchu

A great story in the historical town of Edinburgh. A creative breath of fresh air, this story is action packaged with ghosts and spirits roaming the streets and a secret library with a dark secret.

We follow the story of Ropa, a young girl that decides to drop out of school to become a ghosttalker, someone who can see and hear the dead and help them find peace. She gets payed nicely sums by the families of the deceased, and that income helps her and her grandmother stay afloat. But things get complicated when she hears whispers of someone (or something) sucking the life and joy out of children. While she’s honour bound to investigate, what she discovers turns her world upside down in the worst possible way.

Ropa is a witty, sarcastic and fearless heroine with a kind heart despite her best attempts at stay detached. The dynamics between her and her family are great to read and explore, along with her best friend Priya, who stands out as a great secondary character and a faithful, steady support for Ropa.

The world building and setting is great, but I was left trying to understand if the plot took place in a parallel reality in the past or in the future. I got more the vibe of the past but I think it depends on the interpretation of the reader.

A great, creative world building, both deep and complex with character development and depth. It’s the perfect mix of magic, spiritual entities in the the ancient town Edinburgh. This dark atmospheric plot will keep you at the edge of your seat.

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