Adventure · Fantasy · Romance · YA

The Lady Rogue by Jenn Bennett

A great adventure YA novel with lots of action and romance. I must admit that romance part was a bit much for me, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

the Lady Rouge tells the story of Theodora, daughter of a famous traveller and treasure-hunter, who craves excitement and adventure. Forced to stay in their hotel in Istanbul while her father is off investigating, Theo grows sick and tired of her fathers’ overprotectiveness and constant absence. She waits until the day her first love and first heartbreak Huck Gallagher shows up in her room without her father. Armed with her father’s journal, Theo drags Huck into a quest of finding her father, unknowingly following his steps to find the infamous Vlad the Impaler ring, said to give absolute power to its wearer. But Theo’s father isn’t the only one after the ring, and Theo will need all her wits to outrun those who will stop at nothing to possess it.

This book took me on a trip through Turkey and Romania which was great. The description of the places was nicely written without too much detail, exactly has I like it. I couldn’t for the life of me understand if the story took place in a modern or historical timeline. I kept imagining it back in the 19th century for some reason.

I loved how easy this book was to read. The style is great and it flows perfectly throughout the story. It’s fast paced with a few twists and unexpected turns mixed with a good dose of sarcasm and humour. Since the plot has an historical setting, there was quite a bit of information to process throughout but it didn’t feel tiresome or boring. The fact that we learn the previous events and history from Theo’s father journal, the break makes everything easier to absorb and understand.

I really enjoyed the ending and how everything worked out. It was a nice closure with just enough space for a sequel, if that’s what the author intended.

While I loved Theo as a main character and Huck, her first boyfriend and male lead, I thought the romantic drama was a bit much. Theo spends more than half of the book going back and forward with things that could have easily been solved in the beginning and, in midst of everything else, takes too much of the front stage. I would have liked to see the romance more on the background and more focus on the adventure and solving the mystery around the ring.

Despite of this, Theo and Huck make a great team and I enjoying following their (mis)adventures. Theo is witty, headstrong, ready to run into danger without a second thought, while strong and cocky Huck struggles to contain his fear and struggles with his hesitation. They keep each other balanced somehow. I was a relief to see them solve their issues, but it took far too long for me.

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