Dystopia · Sci-Fi

Manumission by E.R. Harding

A great, gripping novel that takes place in the near future where technology is key to immortality. In a world where human conscience can be uploaded into a computer and loaded into a new body, the Metaform Corporation’s goal is to put an end to death. Gabriel, son of the leader of a cult, confronts… Continue reading Manumission by E.R. Harding

Adventure · Fantasy · Sci-Fi · YA

Fate’s Keep (Fate’s Journey #2) by T. Rae Mitchell

T. Rae Mitchell did it again! After the first novel ended in such a shocking way, I was glad to see the continuation of a great debut! After barely escaping the Book of Fables, Fate is back in her world. Desperately wanting to return and help Finn, who is still trapped within the book, Fate… Continue reading Fate’s Keep (Fate’s Journey #2) by T. Rae Mitchell