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Fate’s Keep (Fate’s Journey #2) by T. Rae Mitchell

T. Rae Mitchell did it again! After the first novel ended in such a shocking way, I was glad to see the continuation of a great debut!

After barely escaping the Book of Fables, Fate is back in her world. Desperately wanting to return and help Finn, who is still trapped within the book, Fate will do anything to find her way back. When she is offered the position of guardian of the Keep, Fate takes on the responsibility of protecting the space station, located across the universe, take contains very powerful and dangerous mythical creatures and magical artefacts. Travelling to a new world, Fate must face her destiny, her new unbreakable oath with the Keep and discover the strength to save the people she loves. A new enemy awakens nothing will ever be the same.

The plot is nicely developed and it grabs the reader right from the beginning. There is a lot of action, mystery and drama going on, enough to keep me clued to the pages and to make my breathing stop at times.

I was surprised with the sci-fi approach in this instalment, it took the adventure a bit further than I was expecting. Between the space station, spaceships, aliens, advanced-technology and guns I felt like I lost a bit of the connection with the story. I had this cosy feeling with the book of fables and with outer space I didn’t feel it at all. Still, it was an enjoyable twist to the first novel.
Mitchell did a great job creating this new magical world. The setting is amazing and definitely brings things to another level, I felt the thrill while reading. It’s easy to see her deep knowledge and passion of myths and legends and the style of writing is still a beautiful and captivating as in the first novel. The dialogues are brilliant, witty and funny, a joy to read.

The introduction of new characters was exciting and it nice to how they all have their roles in the story, there are no loose ends, everyone fits into the plot perfectly. I really enjoyed how the real and the fantasy both come together as characters from both realities meet. I did miss Finn though and his interactions with Fate, I really enjoy them as a couple.

Another ending that felt me hungry for more! Can’t wait to read the sequel Fate’s War and see what other adventures await Fate and her friends.

Thank you NetGalley, the publisher Original Mix Media and the author for allowing me to read and review a digital copy of this book.

4 Stars

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