Dystopia · Sci-Fi

Manumission by E.R. Harding

A great, gripping novel that takes place in the near future where technology is key to immortality.

In a world where human conscience can be uploaded into a computer and loaded into a new body, the Metaform Corporation’s goal is to put an end to death. Gabriel, son of the leader of a cult, confronts his father and as a result, comes the leader himself with a single objective in mind: to bring down Metaform Corp. Will his plan work or will he get more than he bargained for? It seems that some secrets aren’t meant to go public and some will do everything to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The novel is very addictive and gripping; the storyline is brilliant, refreshing and there is enough action to captivate the readers’ attention. I never considered this approach for the future, but it’s true that it actually fits with the quick evolution of technology that we are witnesses of nowadays. It’s a bit concerning to think that only the sick and the old get buried or cremated while the bodies of the young and the healthy get turned into vessels for other consciousness to live on.

The writing style is intelligent, captivating and witty; by the descriptions, it actually seems like that world is very real. I think the author really made emotions transpire through her writing and her characters. Certain moments made me laugh; others hold my breath and in others even tear up a bit. I really enjoyed how Harding gives hope in a world ruled by technology where immortality is a reality, how do people deal with the choice of dying and living another lifetime in someone else’s body. It’s a haunting question, what one would choose?

The characters are very likable and they fit perfectly with the story and this reality. They are complex and deep, which made me love the novel even more. The author did a great job managing the changing between the first and the third person in the novel; it was easy for me to follow the story.

I’m not a fan of the sci-fi genre but Manumission became one my favourites. I will definitely buy it on paperback. I highly recommend this novel to all the fans of dystopias and sci-fi!

Thank you, E.R. Harding, for reaching out and sending me a free digital copy of Manumission in exchange for an honest review.

5 Stars


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