Dystopia · Sci-Fi

Flow (Flow #1) by Clare Littlemore

A great, fresh novel with a gripping storyline that is on the level of Hunger Games. Welcome to The Beck, a society divided into several sectors: Agriculture, Sustenance, Development, amongst others. In the Assessment, everyone gets assigned to their factors or, if they fail, sent to the Clearance, the darkest place in The Beck. Life… Continue reading Flow (Flow #1) by Clare Littlemore

Adventure · Dystopia · Sci-Fi · YA

The History Makers by Val Bodurtha

An absolutely brilliant plot: mesmerizing narrative and gripping from page one. What if the ancient Aztec civilization survived the trial of time and still existed today? In a world of stone pyramids and wild parties, the old traditions prevailed and the belief that a blood sacrifice is needed for the sun to rise is still… Continue reading The History Makers by Val Bodurtha

Dystopia · Sci-Fi · YA

Stealing Liberty by Jennifer Froelich

A brilliantly written dystopian novel that will remain in the mind of its readers for a long time. When your parents are deemed enemies of the state, you’re sent to a secret detention school. For Reed Paine meeting new people and making friends isn't something he truly considered until he becomes friends with a girl… Continue reading Stealing Liberty by Jennifer Froelich

Dystopia · Fantasy · Romance · Sci-Fi

Crossing in Time (Between Two Evils #1) by D.L. Orton

An apocalyptic scenario with time-travelling and a story of romance: it’s the best way to describe this novel. An enjoyable, quick read. This is the story of Isabel and Diego, a couple whose relationship could change the nightmare that they call reality. From a nuclear war to a deadly virus wiping out the human race,… Continue reading Crossing in Time (Between Two Evils #1) by D.L. Orton

Action · Adventure · Dystopia · Historical · Sci-Fi · YA

Ink and Bone (The Great Library #1) by Rachel Caine

This book was recommended by a expert fellow book lover that I met recently. I would never put this book in the YA category, not at all. For me this book is the a great Fantasy/Dystopia. An amazing, breathtaking one! A thrilling, fast-paced novel that will keep you holding on like your life depends on… Continue reading Ink and Bone (The Great Library #1) by Rachel Caine

Action · Adventure · Dystopia · Fantasy · Sci-Fi

The Masked City (The Invisible Library #2) by Genevieve Cogman

Another great novel by Genevieve Cogman! Highly addictive, full of action through and through! An amazing sequel of the first book "The Invisible Library", packed with action, twists, new enemies, a very dangerous world and an almost impossible mission. Irene is amazing as usual, struggling to understand emotions that she has long forgotten and to… Continue reading The Masked City (The Invisible Library #2) by Genevieve Cogman