Dystopia · Fantasy · Romance · Sci-Fi

Crossing in Time (Between Two Evils #1) by D.L. Orton

An apocalyptic scenario with time-travelling and a story of romance: it’s the best way to describe this novel. An enjoyable, quick read.

This is the story of Isabel and Diego, a couple whose relationship could change the nightmare that they call reality. From a nuclear war to a deadly virus wiping out the human race, the world is at the end of the line. The solution: to travel back in time and change their relationship before it began. The race against time begins as Isabel journeys through the past and learns about love, loss and the power of forgiveness. Can she and Diego change the fate of the world?

I would definitely say this is more romance than sci-fi since the storyline is based on a couple and their relationship even if the post-apocalyptic reality is very well thought and developed. Although I’m not a big fan on having the romance running in the front lines, I found myself enjoying the interactions between Isabel and Diego. Their relationship, like them, is very real and human. In general, all the characters are quite likeable and I could relate at least in a point or two with them.

The story-line is well thought and organised and the style of writing pulled me into the story. The different points of view made me loose myself a few times since we see through the eyes of three different characters. The ending made my heart jump and I’m very curious to know the fate of the main characters.

I recommend this book to fans of romantic stories taking place in dystopian post-apocalyptic scenarios!

Thank you NetGalley, the publisher Rocky Mountain Press and the author for allowing me to read and review a digital copy of this book.

2 Stars


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