Fantasy · Horror · Retelling

Lost Boy by Christina Henry

I’m never going to see Peter Pan the same way again after this book, that’s for sure. Christina Henry pulled the Disney tale apart to show that Peter Pan isn’t just childish, but how selfish he is when he takes boys away to Neverland and why. It’s a whole new level of creepy.

That said: Oh my god, what a masterpiece. I’m still to read a book from Christina Henry that I don’t love (yes, that includes all the bloody and gory details). Her vision off this classic tale and the perspective she took for this novel blew me away.

In this novel, Jamie (future James Hook) tells the story of Peter Pan from his perspective. It’s not just a villain retelling his story, no. This is a child, growing up in Neverland, being Peter’s best friend. I got to fully understand exactly what made him who is his and how he came to known as a villain in the original tale. I truly felt for him, his struggles, his determination and his unbeatable loyalty to his friends and family.

If you haven’t read any of Henry’s books, go for it (be warned though, they’ll ruin your view of certain classical novels). I personally can’t get enough of these books!

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