Fantasy · Mystery · YA

The Ravens (The Ravens #1) by Kass Morgan

It’s been a long while that I’ve read a book focused on witches, but boy was this one worth the wait!

I absolutely devoured this book. It’s action-packed, witchy and bitchy fantasy novel that brought together sorority life and magic perfectly. The idea of having a witch coven disguised as an university sorority: absolutely brilliant!

The plot starts off slow, introducing the main characters, their problems, and their aspirations. But the calmness doesn’t last as mysterious events and hidden secrets from the past start coming to light and slowly destroying the world these characters created. The plot twists and surprising revelations brought me a huge feeling of satisfaction, all loose ends were tied perfectly in the end.

The Ravens, are both a sorority and a powerful, old coven of witches that value sisterhood and the area of witchcraft above everything and everyone else. The connection between all the members was something that definitely stood out for me, and it was incredible to see how this connection only grew stronger as the story continued.

You see the story through the eyes of Vivi, a girl searching to for a place she can call “home”, a place she feels like she belongs after a lifetime of moving around the country with her superstitious and overprotective mother; and Scarlett, a powerful witch struggling to keep up with her mothers’ and sisters’ pressure to become The Ravens’ next president.

Having the perspectives of two very different characters was great and it was easy to grow invested in them, watch them grow throughout the novel and develop their relationship with each other and the rest of the coven.

Great book, an addictive and well-built story! I can’t wait to see what the second one will bring!

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