Action · Horror · Mystery

The Tracker by John Hunt

Now here is an original plot that will make you be afraid of falling asleep.

Taylor is a 25 years old man with a series of problems. He’s over 100kg in weight, being diminished by his mother over it until her death. He’s also accused of multiple murder charges that he swears he’s not guilty of. But something wicked in on to him. Taylor is soon pulled into a deadly game of hide and seek. He has 48 hours to outwit and outlast the demon that is hunting him. If caught, a cruel death awaits him. If he breaks any of the rules, there will be consequences. However, if he can survive the 48 hours, The Tracker will let him live. Can he escape his fate?

John Hunt did it again. After his novel Doll House, I was expecting something more or less inside that universe but this book brought his work to a completely different level. The idea of playing a game with the Boogie Man and having or losing your life in the end game is brilliant. An original and refreshing idea that was very well explored developed and described. The plot has a strong start, shifting from horror to a crime thriller towards the middle of the book.

His style of writing brings the story alive and you’ll feel terror get a hold of you right from the beginning and it doesn’t let go. Hunt has a lyrical way of presenting events and the path of the character in the story while, at the same time, building the suspense and the feeling of dread until the very last page. He builds this dark reality magnificently, capturing your interest in a way that gets you addicted and makes you keep reading even though the most gruesome bits. The end comes with an unexpected twist, beautifully placed and executed. It closes the plot perfectly and leaves you feeling satisfied with the ending. However, I was expecting more horror than action in the end. I’m a fan of thrillers but as the book started very strong on horror, I would have appreciated more of it in the end.

The characters are well developed. Taylor is a man with something to hide and he desperately wants to be believed even though he knows that isn’t about to happen. From the beginning, you’re left wondering if Taylor is innocent or guilty of the crimes he’s accused of, in the end, though all the questions are answered.

I highly recommend this novel to fans of horror and thriller genres that are looking for a book that gets you glued to the pages from beginning to end.

Thank you, NetGalley, the publisher Black Rose Writing and the author for allowing me to read and review a digital copy of this book.

5 Stars

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