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Kings Rising (Captive Prince #3) by C.S. Pacat

How to end a trilogy: just like Ms Pacat does! The brilliant end for a fantastic collection! She really outdid herself in this novel, coming to the completion of a wonderful story leaving no lose ends. This book brought me to that dilemma “I want to finish it but I don’t want to finish it” and I can honestly say that Damen and Laurent became one of my favourite M/M couples of all time.

Picking up from the grand finale and cliffhanger of Prince’s Gambit, Damen and Laurent don’t have a moment to recover. Intrigue is taken to another level, constant interference and betrayal as both King and Prince fight their way to win back their thrones. As Vere and Akielos unite against a common enemy, the two royals struggle with attraction and feelings for each other. Will they fall into the plot that could end both their lives and their kingdoms? Shocking twists, heart-stopping revelations and a finale that will leave your heart pounding!

I really raced through the pages of this volume, much like I did with the others. The third book is twice action-packed than the other two books combined and the fast-paced story-line didn’t allow me to stop reading until the very end. It was very gratifying to see justice done and to see beloved characters have a great ending.

Okay okay, I admit that I warmed up to Laurent a bit, but just a bit! I really saw the development of his character along the trilogy and in the end it made a big difference. One of the things that made the difference is that Damen didn’t back down no matter how much and what means Laurent used to push him away. What he needed was really someone that could see behind all the walls he built around himself, all the defences and truly listen to that he has to say.

Amazing end, even though I would have liked another chapter with more details on Damen and Laurent maybe a few months later after the alliance was made. But still, it’s a trilogy that I will keep recommending over and over again for a very long time. I hope that Ms Pacat will write again soon, because a talent like that needs to be on the spotlight more often than not!

5 Stars

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