Contemporary · Graphic Novel

The Sound of the World By Heart by Giacomo Bevilacqua

A beautiful and unique story that explores a journey of self-discovery.

This graphic novel tells the story of a photojournalist that embarks on a sixty-day journey of self-discovery in New York City. As he commits to this period with no human interaction, he will have to rely on memories, numbers and music to keep his sanity and in hopes to get over a painful past and to rediscover the beauty of the world.

This story was heart-warming and unique. It gives an unique perspective of life, the world around us and how we miss little moments because we are so focused on ourselves. The setting is great because it shows how even in a big and crowded city we can still feel very much alone.

The characters are great and they depth is amazing. The drawings are definitely one of my favourite details of this graphic novel with the style and the colours and how they change and grow with the story line.

I definitely recommend this novel to anyone who is interested in putting things into perspective and to remember what is really important in life.

Thank you NetGalley, the publisher Magnetic Press and the author for allowing me to read and review a digital copy of this book.

5 Stars

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