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Prince’s Gambit (Captive Prince #2) by C.S. Pacat

Just… Wow. Ms Pacat did it again and I think I developed an addiction in the process. Two volumes in two days and I must say I regret nothing. Absolutely perfect, still as fast-paced as before with a style of writing that makes it impossible to stop reading. I must say though, that I’m still not a fan of Laurence.

Before that, there is a brief description of the second volume of the Captive Prince trilogy.
Tension is building between Laurence and his uncle. Forced to travel to the border with Akielos as a punishment for childish actions and as an attempt to have him killed, Laurent must unite forces with Damen in order to avoid a war between their countries. Surrounded from both sides by usurpers and unknown traitors, the two kings must fight for their lives, their freedom and their people while trying to ignore the growing sensual tension between them. Can Damen keep his identity a secret for much longer?

In this book, I could see the rising tension between the Regent and Laurence. The Regent’s determination to get ride of Laurence that was very well concealed in the first volume is completely revealed and it shows the length of his greed and thirst for power. Laurent is still a very complex character and, like I mentioned on the review of the previous novel, I believe that he has some sort of trauma from his childhood and I don’t mean his brother’s death. I can’t bring myself to like him though, and it’s probably related to how he uses people to achieve his means no matter the consequences or cost.
On the other hand, Damen is a character that doesn’t let his nasty experience in Vere change who he is and who he’s meant to be. He proved to have more King material than Laurent could ever hope to have: the knowledge in battle strategy, how to make the troops happy and avoid conflict, how to predict situations and act under pressure. Furthermore and most importantly, he has the heart of a king, his people come first.

I absolutely loved the ending. It was simply perfect and very gratifying.

No doubt that this trilogy made it to my Top favourite!

5 Stars


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