Mystery · Suspense

Deadly Alibi (DI Geraldine Steel #9) by Leigh Russell

This was my first time reading a book from Leigh Russell and consequently the thrilling adventures of Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel. I’ll definitely take a look at the previous novels though because this was one amazing and memorable read. Geraldine is going through hard times. When she finally had her feet on the ground, her… Continue reading Deadly Alibi (DI Geraldine Steel #9) by Leigh Russell

Horror · Mystery · Suspense · Thriller

Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King

My God, there aren’t enough words to describe this book. Written by Stephen King, this little gem made my emotions run high, and my heart slam against my rib-cage from so much suspense. The unique way this book is written really pulled me into the story. This is the story of Dolores Claiborne , a… Continue reading Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King

Historical · Mystery · Suspense

The Drumbeater by Clive Allan

Complex, thrilling, brilliant novel! I’ve had a few issues with putting thoughts and opinions on paper in a way that makes sense, so much to say! Welcome to Glendaig, a little town in the Scottish Highlands. A peaceful place until the remains of a person wearing a German watch are discovered in a beach nearby.… Continue reading The Drumbeater by Clive Allan

Action · Suspense · Thriller

Night (Michael Night #1) by Casey Christie

I find it a bit difficult to put to words what I think about this book. I got mixed feelings but not in a bad way, not by far. I was amazed by the detail related to security, the military and the operations, definitely saw the background of the author in the novel and definitely… Continue reading Night (Michael Night #1) by Casey Christie

Contemporary · Mystery · Suspense · YA

The Mysteries of Gogos by James Leader

This was the first novel I read by Mr James Leader, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting in person. This book was something else: intense, beautifully written, full of suspense and emotion. The book tells the story of European School of Brussels student Danny Dykoff, a young teenager trying to figure out his… Continue reading The Mysteries of Gogos by James Leader

Mystery · Romance · Suspense

The Grim Reaper’s Calling Card (Katsuro Tanaka #2) by Donald Webb

Honestly, I had mixed feelings for this book. I think I was expecting something a bit different. Even though it's a second volume, it can be read as a stand-alone since the author gives all the details of past events and parts of main events on the lives of the main characters. I had problems… Continue reading The Grim Reaper’s Calling Card (Katsuro Tanaka #2) by Donald Webb