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Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King

My God, there aren’t enough words to describe this book. Written by Stephen King, this little gem made my emotions run high, and my heart slam against my rib-cage from so much suspense. The unique way this book is written really pulled me into the story.

This is the story of Dolores Claiborne , a tough island lady that is both a murderer and an innocent. Read her testimonial as she tells the story of how she killed her husband and how her employer died in her care. No, she didn’t do it. And because she has nothing to hide, she tells the story in the first person and will take you on a ride though the dark side of an island village life and how despair can ride people to commit the most inconceivable acts.

Stephen Kind did it again, Another brilliant novel. I will be completely honest: I didn’t know at all about this book until I ran into it in the local library (and yes, I mean that quite literally). But it definitely made its way to my heart and it’s one of my favourite novels by King.

First of all, I absolutely loved Dolores! She’s a bitch and knows how to ride that high-horse of hers but she is one bad ass old lady! When she’s accused of murdering her mistress, she just walk to the police station and tells the story of how and who did it, while coming clean about killing her husband. She’s a mother of three and that never slowed her down! Her wit, perception, charm and boldness make a great narrator and a memorable character.

​The first-person narrative is absolutely brilliant! I could almost hear Dolores’ accent and her own unique way of expressing herself. It’s an unique style of writing that makes the whole difference with this story-line. For me, it invoked a feeling of suspense, the type that creates a ball of nerves in the bottom of the stomach and squeezes the heart.

I highly recommend this novel to all the fans of Stephen King and suspense-genre lovers!

5 Stars

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