A Necessary Murder (Heloise Chancey Mysteries #2) by M.J. Tjia

This is a mix between Hercule Poirot and Miss Fisher with exotic roots, in England. Heloise Chancey, the female protagonist, is a high class courtesan and detective, with ascendants from Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma. The plot was involving, complex and full of twists, and it’s definitely a dark sort of novel. The murders are grisly and often violent follows suite. I absolutely loved it!

Even so, the element I loved the most was Heloise herself. She’s witty, charming, charismatic and with a sort of naughty disposition which made me both like her and want to keep reading about her investigation.

M.J. Tjia created a great plot, a strong and smart lady detective but at the same time she didn’t sugar coat the prejudice against people with foreign connections. The author weavers between the historical Victorian England with Asian culture is a way that both smooth and doesn’t overpower the actual murder plot.

Definitely want to read more of this series!

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