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The Corona Book of Horror Stories by Lewis Williams

A collection of short horror stories that will make you look over your shoulder and pay more attention to your daily activities.

Lewis Williams masterfully edited these 16 horror stories, creating a crescendo of horror with each next title. Presenting a number of new talent authors that you may or not know, is a breath of fresh air in the horror genre. Some short-stories are bigger in length than others, like Ticks by Lewis Williams (not recommended for those of you that don’t like bugs). The writing styles change depending on the author and the feeling of the stories changes with it. Some are more psychological, others focus more on physical violence.

The stories proved to be creepy beyond understanding by transforming simple objects and day-to-day scenes into a nightmare s. Some of the titles that struck me in a good way are:

• Nizzy’s Egg by S.L Powell – This one will make you pay more attention to what you eat for breakfast;
• The Box by Sue Eaton – a package that comes back no matter how many times you throw it away and gets hungry… very hungry;
• The Rose by Suzan St Maur – the subtlety of the story and the style of writing really made love this story.
• Framed by T.R Hitchman – Be careful when you see old ladies with cameras, you never know what can happen when they take your photo.
• Bad Boys Don’t get Desert by William Quincy Belle – A type of mother that praises his son for a job well done but punishes him for not burying his toy before a meal.
• Death by Appointment by A.H. Sargeant – When you get a surprise visit at your office from an unexpected someone, remember that what goes around, comes around.

I thoroughly enjoyed each one of these short stories, but there are some of them that involve animals and those were a bit tough to swallow. Nevertheless, there were very well written and the organisation of the stories builds-up your interest to know what comes next.

The book is a great read, with a collection of unique stories that are a most, have for the fans of the horror genre that are looking for something out-of-the-box. I highly recommend it!

Thank you Lewis Williams and the publisher Corona Books for reaching out and sending me a paperback version of the novel in exchange for an honest review.

5 Stars

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