Cosy Mystery

For Whom the Bread Rolls (A Pancake House Mystery #2) by Sarah Fox

Just as good as the first volume, From Whom the Bread Rolls is the sequel of The Crepes of Wrath by Sarah Fox. I want to thank Random House Alibi for reaching out and allowing me to read this great sequel.

Life is good for Marley McKinney as she settles in Wildwood Cove, a small coastal town, managing the pancake restaurant her cousin left her. Everything is running smoothly, including the relationship wither boyfriend Brett. But calm times are not meant to last. Soon Marley has her world turned upside down when her old employee and nemesis comes back to cause problems. Marley is sure that Ida Winkler is responsible for the damage made to her restaurant, but no proof is found of the fact. Things get more complicated when later, Ida is found dead and Marley is considered the prime suspect. Fearing the ruin of her business, Marley jumps in the murder mystery and soon begins to realise that several people from the small town have a motive to get rid of Ida. Can she clear her name and find out who wants to frame her?

The setting of this novel always gets to me. I’ve lived almost all my life near the ocean and something about small towns near water give me a cosy feeling and a sense of nostalgia. The writing style is still great and it was impossible not to grow addicted to the story right from the beginning. The descriptions of the food and the recipes are still just as tempting as in the first novel. They made me hungry and with the will to actually try and make them!

The story line is great. Easy to follow and a few twists made it a bit more difficult to discover the identity of the killer.

The characters are gaining depth and growing compared to the first novel. I got the feeling that Marley has grown and I could feel her acceptance of her new responsibility but at the same time struggling to believe that all that belongs to her. She’s very real and I absolutely love the way she is. Ida was a good character in the sense of that rivalry and need for revenge. I could have pictured her being around for a bit longer to cause trouble, she brought spice to the story. The secondary characters are very nice and even if the restaurant in itself already brings a lot of colour to the novel, the characters make the light shine through.

A great, addictive cosy-mystery that will leave you hungry for more, literally! Can’t wait to see that comes next for Marley and The Flip Side!

Thank you NetGalley, the publisher Alibi and the author for allowing me to read and review a digital copy of this book. 

4 Stars


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