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Delivering Virtue by Brian Kindall

A must-read amusing, complex and elegant epic story.

In the American West, Missouri in 1854, Didier Rain has a long list of occupations. Poet, philosopher, a gentleman in the making and a low-life rogue. In desperate need to have money, Rain accepts to become a Sacred Deliverer and take a baby girl named Virtue to the Prophet Nehi in the City of Rocks for her to become his wife. Even though he feels this is way over his head, he accepts and starts a long journey filled with dangerous encounters, new friends, new enemies and difficult choices. Will they make it?

This is a novel that readers can read several times and never get tired of it. It’s a complicated, intriguing story that is seen and lived through the eyes of Rain, a man will flaws that faces his past and his own conflicts throughout this journey.

The style of writing is poetic, elegant, philosophical at times and very engaging. The author Brian Kindall delivers a witty dialogue that mixes both vulgar and philosophical language and ideas, creating rich interactions. He also manages to blend both human and religious themes that give relevance to the story and the feeling the reader gets as the adventure proceeds. From the trials of fate, the fragility of the human mind to religious beliefs and ultimate love, Kindall revealed himself a master of story-building and character development. A lyrical style that pulls the reader deep into the plot and its characters and leaves a long-lasting impression. This is a novel to remember.

There are quite a number of characters in the novel and each contributes one way or the other for the growth of the characters. Some encounters are symbolic which adds a wonderful spark to the story. Rain is a grand main male lead. He’s both despicable and lovable and his misadventures are both hilarious and heartfelt. It’s impossible not to connect with him, feel for him and understand his actions. Deep down he proves to be a man of pure heart, good intentions and able to forgive and forget just for the sake of his mission. He proves to be a better man than Nehi and his followers. In addition, his instincts are the only thing that saves him from tight situations and places. He’s a complex character, haunted by his past that both repulses and attracts the reader. The best part is that the reader always ends up learning something with him, both with his victories and failures. Virtue, the female protagonist, is a silent spectator that also manages to leave a lasting impression and teach a few good lessons too. She’s not a normal child, as she grows at an incredible rate during the journey from babyhood to womanhood. Her relationship with Rain is touching and to read about their growing complicity, how they complement each other is one of the many highlights of the story.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It’s the type of novel that changes something in the reader, that holds on and when it’s over leaves a feeling of longing. I will definitely read it again.

Thank the author Brian Kindall for reaching out and sending me a paperback version of his novel in exchange for an honest review.

5 Stars

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