Action · Thriller

Made Safe by Francis Sparks

One word for this novel: Intense! I absolutely love the type of story where the main character gets involved with something, falling into it blindly. It just adds spice to the story!

A novel starts out with private investigator Moses Winter is working on a cheating-husband case. Things start to get complicated when the cheated wife discovers that her husband has been with a Bosnian immigrant. When a fight breaks out, the husband ends up being stabbed, and when the police finally arrives on scene, Rakic, the agent from the homicide department, recognises the mistress as his cousin. While trying to protect his cousin, Rakic realises that finding the truth will more come complicated than he was expecting. When Moses feels there’s something amiss with the story, he investigates and ends up finding out the shocking truth, something that runs a lot deeper than a mere cheating investigation.

It gives me great satisfaction to see all the story lines come together perfectly in the end with no stings left hanging. The story line is great and the style of writing made it very easy to follow the different perspectives and the development of the case. The description of the global problem of human trafficking served as reminder of the level of desperation people have to reach to undergo such conditions, just to have a chance at life. I think Sparks addresses the problem in a very good way and it definitely puts this novel in a whole other level.

The characters are well developed, especially Moses, a likeable character with a great level of determination and curiosity.

Unfortunately the romantic part didn’t do much for me. His connection with Majka, a suspect, and the fact that he uses her didn’t sit well for me. I so admire the determination of Rakic and his family loyalty. The references to smoking came too often, in my opinion. I’m not a smoker but I think it was too much detail for an addiction.

Overall, it’s a fast-paced detective story that I enjoyed immensely.

I want to thank the author Francis Sparks for reaching out and allowing me to review his book.​

4 Stars

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