Cosy Mystery

Prose and Cons (A Magical Bookshop Mystery #2) by Amanda Flower

Perfection! And now I’m depressing since I read it in one sitting and have to wait for the next volume! A brilliant sequel to Crime and Poetry by Amanda Flower in a novel that is more compelling than the first!

Prose and Cons is the second book of the Magical Bookshop Mystery series. The main character, Violet Waverly is now the new Caretaker of Charming Books in Cascade Springs, while working at the local university as a professor of Literature and writing her PhD dissertation at the same time. Life is good as Violet and Grandma Daisy prepare for the event of the year, the Cascade Springs Food and Wine Festival. The plan is for the Red Inkers, the writers club, to do a Poe-try reading (reading of works of Edgar Allen Poe) with the historical setting and clothing. When Violet discovers the dead body of Anastasia Faber, one the writers, in the bookstore all hell breaks loose. When her friend Sadie is accused and all the evidences point to her, Violet takes charge of the case together with the handsome chief of police David Rainwater in order to find the real killer. With the help of the magical bookstore, Emerson the tuxedo cat and Faulkner, the crow, our main character will uncover a big secret and an unexpected visitor will turn Violet’s world upside down.

A magical novel that I read in a few hours! Impossible to put down, the plot may look simple but it nothing as such. The character are so enchanting, so colourful and described in depth that I feel like they are my friends too. I love Violet, her loyalty and her complete faith in her friend Sadie’s innocence is a grand part of her strong and stubborn character. I most admit that I was expecting a bit more action with the handsome chief of police, inside I truly believe that David and Violet make the dream couple. It was a delight to read their interactions and I think, reading in between the lines, that David knows more about the secret of the Charming Bookstore than he leads on.

The setting is still as bright and colourful as the first time and it gives me the desire to visit Cascade Springs myself. Of course, that visiting the magical bookstore where the perfect book finds you would be a plus!

My favourite series of cosy-mystery that I highly recommend!

5 Stars

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