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Hearts Set Free by Jess Lederman

Hearts Set Free is a contemporary Christian novel about belief, and how God brings light during the darkest times.

This novel tells the three tales of men and women through the dark journeys of their lives through the path of light, from loneliness to unshaken faith. In 1930, a small church looks for a new leader. Can a washed-up boxer be the answer to their prayers? Meanwhile, a native Alaskan boy is on a quest looking for his father. He ends up in a small town in Nevada where Heaven and Hell meet on Earth. In 2011, a science TV producer is set on proving that Man doesn’t need God, while his lover struggles to regain the faith she lost in her youth. The story of these three characters get entangled was one of them holds the key to a mystery that will change their lives forever.

The novel was very interesting to read, developing nicely along with the pages. This is one of the only religion-related novels I’ve read so far, as they’re on a theme that isn’t part of my usual literary tastes. Even so, I gave this one a go and I was pleasantly surprised.

The plot jumps between times, from the 1930s and 2011 and explores the development of the characters’ relationships with God. You’re taken on a journey through time, meet different characters, going deeply into their stories, their good moments and the bad. The pace of the story is steady, dynamic. It keeps you interested and intrigued throughout the stories.

The style of writing is almost musical and the words flow perfectly throughout the novel, making it hard to stop reading even when things get rough. While the jump between timelines was a bit rough to follow in the beginning, jumping between characters and periods, but you quickly get the hang of it after the first few chapters. The descriptions are just enough to give you an idea of the surroundings and the settings but the focus is on the characters. You get to know them deeply, you feel for them and cheer when they make progress in their journeys.

In general, a pleasant read, a novel that is beautifully written with a very nice and warming message. I recommend it to readers who want to join something a bit different from the usual genres.

Thank you Jess Lederman for sending me a hard copy of his book in exchange for an honest review.

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