Cosy Mystery

Lethal Licorice (Amish Candy Shop Mystery #2) by Amanda Flower

A great addition to The Amish Candy Shop Mystery series.

Lethal Licorice picks up right after the events of Assaulted Caramel. Bailey’s life is still a bit of a mess as she slowly adjusts to the Amish style of life in Harvest, Ohio. At the same time, Bailey’s grandmother is still struggling after the death of her beloved Jebediah. As the Amish Confectionery Competition starts in town, Bailey sees the perfect opportunity to cheer up her Maami. Even though she isn’t Amish, Bailey is allowed to participate in the competition. Some locals aren’t very happy with the development, especially Josephine Weaver who has no problem in making herself heard. Things go south pretty quickly for Bailey when she finds Josephine’s body right before the judges have the chance to try her licorice. As she becomes the prime-suspect, Bailey knows that even with the police her fate lies in her hands and her ability to find the culprit. Can she do it before handsome Deputy Aiden Brody uses his handcuffs on her?

There is a great development of the plot and the characters in this novel. The story is told in the first person. Flower digs deeper into the Amish traditions and style of life. Her descriptions of this culture fit perfectly with the murder plot as she takes her time to show you the different Amish groups, and how a non-Amish character tries to fit in.

The plot is well developed and explored, with enough twists to keep you guessing. It runs in a fast pace This mystery, a bit different from the first book, makes even the readers who aren’t fans of licorice connect to the story, considering it’s an important clue for the mystery. The murder victim wasn’t very liked in the small town and slowly the puzzle comes together to reveal that the list of suspects is a bit longer than expected. The outcome was a complete surprise; you’ll not see it coming. In the end, everything is wrapped perfectly, Flower leaves no strings loose.

The characters are what make Flower’s novels so great. They are authentic, very well developed, bringing colour to the story and in each novel, you get to know about each one. Bailey has grown and as she finds her way through the Amish style is incredible to follow. She’s a strong and intelligent young woman that commits to her family 100%. In the first novel, it was her grandfather, this time she does everything she can to help her grandmother. The way Bailey approaches the complicated situations is refreshing and very human. I could easily become her with some of her action and way of thinking. Deputy Aiden Brody is a handsome character with a kind heart. He doesn’t go hard of Bailey after she becomes a suspect and tries to help the best way he can considering his position in law enforcement. They definitely have chemistry and it adds a spice to the story. It helps that the whole town thinks they make a great couple. Other characters like Emily Esh add personality to the story and I hope Flower considers to explore in the future instalments.

A great cosy mystery and sequel to Assaulted Caramel. I recommend this novel to the fans of cosy mysteries, candies and deadly licorice.

Thank you NetGalley, the publisher Kensington Press and the author for allowing me to read and review a digital copy of this book.

5 Stars



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