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The Lost City: King’s Inheritance (The Lost City #2) by D.L. Colón

A great sequel to the first instalment of the Lost City series! In this one, we get to know more about Noryad and what happened after he left.

During the attack of the Caribbean, the royal family was whipped out. As Raphael ranges in search for the boy of the prophecy, the king sends his fourth son through a portal to the Guild Never Too Late. Unfortunately, the boy was marked by the dark vision of his family being slaughtered before his eyes. 24 years later, an older Noryad is forced to leave the Guild that he dedicated his life to because his powers are running wild, making him a danger for the people he cares about. He has no choice but to go back to his origins and face the dark memories that never stopped haunting him. His mission is to find his ancestor’s weapon and claim his rightful place as King of Camelot. But, if he fails to overcome his thirst for revenge, he will lose everything: his kingdom, the woman he loves and his life. Will he be able to fulfil his destiny before the evil that approaches takes over?

D.L Cólon didn’t disappoint, and this novel was, for me, even better than the first one. King’s Inheritance is a novel filled with action, adventure, mystery, fantasy and a bit of romance. It takes a different approach to the legend of King Arthur, developing more the after-legend. The war between good and evil with supernatural beings, God and the Devil in the front seats just pull the reader into the story.

The plot is well developed and everything connects perfectly. It’s a fast-paced story-line, never a boring moment. Cólon takes the reader on a memorable journey and it’s easy to fall into this world and feel its loss after the book is over. In the end, I wanted more but I’ll have to read the next one!
There are quite a few number of characters and three main ones: Noryad, Coral and Merlin. Every simple one contributes to the story, they are there for a reason. They aren’t perfect, each one has their inner conflicts and issues but it’s what makes them so believable and likeable. Adding colour, spice and depth to the story is one of the elements that make this novel so unique.

The style of writing is very nice and I could definitely see an evolution in it compared to the first novel. It’s very easy to read and even though they’re a nice number of characters, the reader doesn’t lose track of the plot. The descriptions are detailed but not enough to be boring.

I highly recommend this series to all the fans of a good epic novel that mixes several genres and it’s packed with action and adventure.

I want to thank D.L. Colón for reaching out and sending me a free digital copy of his book in exchange for an honest review.

5 Stars

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