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Social Media Just for Writers: The Best Online Marketing Tips for Selling Your Books by Frances Caballo

A great book for specialist and non-specialists of social media with great tips and strategies for social media management.

Frances Cabello outlines in 140 pages the details on setting a profile, develop a healthy network and gain a digital presence in order to promote books. As she uses different authors, strategies and tools to compare and recommend different possibilities, Cabello takes her readers on a simple, comprehensive journey through the best social media skills needed to have literary digital success.

The style of writing is simple, fluid and easy to follow. Together with the great organisation of the topics, Cabello created the perfect guide to navigate through social media.

The digital channels outlined in the book are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, blogs and offline marketing. All the instructions are presented with screenshots and tips that are easy to understand. The level of knowledge develops through the chapters, going from creating profiles on the digital channels to which types of post are more effective and analysis of posts, followers and types of audience. Additionally, the author chooses dedication in pointing out add-ins, programs that give a boost to the reader’s knowledge.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for new strategies and simple tricks to boost their digital traffic and for writers looking for tips on how to sell their books more efficiently.

Thank you NetGalley, the publisher ACT Communications and the author for allowing me to read and review a digital copy of this book.

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