Fantasy · YA

Dreamwalkers by Tiaan Lubbe

An enjoyable read set in Europe, full of twists and a lot of great powers.

In the streets of Rome, a young teenage boy of sixteen discovers that he has the power to walk in another people’s dreams. Narciso di Angelo is convinced that he’s the only one in the world with this ability until he walks into the dream of a beggar and he is faced with other Dreamwalkers much like himself. Ciso is introduced to a secret division of the United Nations called Somnus that, led by Commander Sawyer, quickly becomes his family. At the same time, he discovers that there is a terrorist group called Tantibus that will do everything to take over the world. Will Ciso join the case of the Project and use his power to uncover their plans? At what cost?

It’s a brilliant, creative plot that grabbed my attention from the beginning. The story-line is very well thought and developed and no stone is left unturned. Everything is explored, explained and everything fits together throughout the novel, leaving no loose strings. The best part is: it’s not predictable.

The story is fast-paced; the twists are unexpected and leave the reader hanging for more. Additionally, the setting is a breath of fresh air since most of the novels take place in the US. Italy is full of historical riches and old tales and legends; it was a treat to read a novel set in this beautiful country.

The writing style is very nice and it flows perfectly; it pulls the reader into the story and all the action that happens from the very beginning of the novel.

The characters are very well-developed and characterised. I really enjoyed reading about Ciso and his journey, but also enjoyed immensely seeing him grow into his powers and the best version of himself. Commander Sawyer is a great secondary-character; the reader can feel that he not only manages and works with his unit, he respects them and treats them like family.

It was a pleasure to discover this world of Dreamwalkers and I’m convinced the author set a strong foundation for the next instalments. A read that I recommend for all the fan of YA that enjoy reading about magic powers.

I want to thank the author and Xpresso Book Tours allowing me to participate in the Blog Tour of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

4 Stars

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