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A Sword of Fortune and Fate (Dare Valari #1) by Devyn Jayse

I learned to not have high expectation over a book, and the reason is simply because I can be surprised by what I read.

Once upon a time, there was a fierce young noblewoman that had her life turned upside-down when she challenges the cruel crowned prince for a sword duel. Banished from her home, forced to leave friends and family behind, Darelynn Valeri finds herself in the slums. Homeless and friendless in a place without laws and where thievery is a form of life, Dare’s fate doesn’t improve. She comes face-to-face with Blaze, a famous and dangerous outlaw that proposes a bargain: if she can protect his sister from a group of assassins, she is free to stay in his territory. Will Dare be able to complete her task without revealing that the Prince is after her?

This novel is very addictive. The story-line develops at a steady pace and it’s told in the first person. I admire the author for the way she described this world. I would almost say that it felt real to me and by the time I finished, I actually got sad for it. I felt like I wasn’t just in the story but that I was part of it. The style of writing is both amazing and admirable.

The characters are likeable and it’s easy to love and hate them. Prince Jasper is naturally cruel and vicious, easy to hate. With no one to stand up to him, Jasper grows worse with each chapter. Darelynn, the female protagonist, is fierce, brave and an intelligent woman. Being responsible for the life of another, Dare keeps her word and sees to the end of the bargain not only for what she gains from it but for her own honour. Also, even though she ends up in a tight corner, Dare is still very much an independent woman, one of the qualities that I really appreciate in a female character.

Overall, a great read that I recommend!

I want to thank the author Devyn Jayse for reaching out and sending me a digital copy of this brilliant novel in exchange for an honest review.

4 Stars

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