Fantasy · Mystery · Paranormal · Romance

Secrets of Skin and Stone by Wendy Laine and Wendy Sparrow

Addictive, new and unforgettable. This novel is just as promising as its mysterious cover and I couldn’t put it down.

Grisham is Watcher, he turns into a gargoyle to get ride of fiends. When his uncle requests his help in Hidden Creek, Gris slowly begins to realise that there is more to the town than meets the eye. Piper is the exemplary teenage girl: perfect grades, popular with the boys and she is more than ready to leave Hidden Creek to go the university. Haunted by nightmares and dealing with OCD, her life doesn’t get any easier, especially after the brutal murder of her dog Jester. Piper joins forces with Gris and together they try to solve the unexplained events that haunt the small town. From murder of animals to disappearances and grave robberies, nothing and no one are what they seem.

I got completely addicted to this book: the characters, the setting, the reality and the build-up of the mystery. The whole idea of gargoyles and fiends is brilliant and it was refreshing to read something a bit different when it comes to the YA genre. I also really enjoyed the mentioning of more sensitive topics like OCD and self-harm; it’s a way of showing the reality and the obstacles people with these issues have to go through every day. And the best part? It’s done brilliantly.

This novel mixes romance with mystery and supernatural in a unique way and it was impossible not to be pulled into the story and its characters.

I really enjoyed the setting of the story: Hidden Creek. Right from the beginning, the atmosphere around it, I could feel that there was something more about this town and it definitely set the mood for the rest of the novel.

The characters are very well-developed and they are unique in their own way. It’s impossible not to like them and to truly feel for them. I completely connected with them. It’s impossible not to like Piper: she is perfectly imperfect and that’s refreshing. She struggles with accepting herself but at the same time she’s beautiful, incredibly stubborn, honest and spontaneous. Reading about her burst of happiness and excitement, made me feel excited for her. Her knowledge on people and her gift to detect lies is brilliant to read as well as her connection with Gris. I think they perfectly balance each other out. Gris is an amazing male protagonist: even though he is a gargoyle, he feels deeply and struggles to accept what he is, something he has in common with Piper. He is head-strong, very loyal and always whiling to help. I absolutely loved the chemistry he has with Piper, they are perfect for one another.

Overall, a great read that I recommend to all the fans of supernatural YA. This is definitely a book that I get my hands on as soon as it comes out!

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