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Captive Prince (Captive Prince #1) by C.S. Pacat

Absolutely brilliant! It was impossible to stop reading, impossible to drawn in the story, even if I developed a pet-hatred for a number of characters. But first things first, I want to congratulate Ms C.S Pacat for the wonderful novel, the setting and the characters.

The novel starts with the handsome prince of Akielos, Damen, who is betrayed by his brother Kastor, stripped of his title and sent as a pleasure slave to the enemy nation of Vere. His life becomes even more difficult when he meets the spoiled, manipulative prince Laurent, known for his coldness and difficult temper. If Damen was convinced that the Veretian court was full of liars and people without honour, his vision only darkens when he becomes the target of the Prince’s anger and hatred. When Damen finds himself in the middle of a power game for the throne, he must join forces with Laurent if he ever hopes to save his country while keeping his identity a secret.

I became completely addicted to this novel and finished it in two days. The plot is brilliant, the descriptions are incredible, the writing style flows very nicely and the pace of the story-line didn’t allow me to grow bored for even a second. Only compliments! I think the best word is definitely “Captivating”. I developed a hatred for Laurent and I think it’s impossible to like him. He acts has a spoiled brat, cruel to those who defy him but at the same time, I have to admit, he acts with care. I have the feeling that he had a traumatic childhood and his coldness and detachment have something to do with that. I really liked Erasmus. He is the representation of purity and innocence even with his background and painful experiences. It was impossible not to grow attached to him.

Don’t hesitate in buying this novel, not even for a second. It’s a fresh M/M story unlike any other that you have read so far that you’ll grow addicted to. Definitely worth the 5 stars!

5 Stars

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