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DarkSkull Hall (The Mage Chronicles #1) by Lisa Cassidy

It took me a while to read it and to write since I was sick and decided to read it in full again after recovering!

A brilliant novel, there is no other way to say it. Dark Skull Hall has a bit of everything: emotion, adventure, thrilling moments and heart-stopping confrontations.

Decades before a massive war broke out between mages leaving a trail of bodies and destruction in its awake. The book tells us the story of Alyx Egalion, the daughter of a noble that knows nothing of war or mages that has her world turned upside-down. When Alyx learns that she is in fact a mage, she must leave everything behind in order to travel to the distant land of Tregaya where she is to learn her magic at Dark Skull Hall. Alyx soon learns that surviving the trip is a mere child play compared to the life that awaits her inside those medieval hallways. Nothing and no one is what they seem, secrets are waiting to be revealed and keeping the peace is not as easy as one would think.

I really enjoyed this universe. I would definitely love to jump into the world of Alyx and Dark Skull Hall (despite the life risks). The setting is great, very creative and fresh. I’m a huge fan of the medieval period and to have a fantasy novel with a touch of that is amazing. The style of writing was what made the story so easy to follow for me. I tend to get lost in the characters and mix them all up but here everything was connected to nicely that’s impossible not to relate to one of the students of Dark Hall.

Alyx is a great main character; I could see her evolution from the spoiled girl to someone that stands up to what she believes and her friends. I admire her ability to talk to people and integrate herself in a new world but also not being afraid to speaking her mind and keeping a cold-head in dangerous moments. I really liked the twins Dawn and Finn and Tarrick. As characters they bring light and optimism to the life and the adventures of Alyx but also the protection and the memories from home.

Definitely looking forward to the next volume and read more about this amazing universe!

I want to thank Lisa Cassidy for sending me a paper version of her great novel in exchange for an honest review.

5 Stars

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