Adventure · Middle-Grade

The Blue Moon Narthex (Karmanic Sovereign Legion #1) by N.J. Donner

A nice middle-grader adventure book.

The novel introduces us to an alternative universe where evil travellers in old train cars and the Karmanic Sovereign Legion are responsible to fight this threat. When Cole’s father dies in a train crash, he doesn’t know that he’s being tossed into a world he didn’t know it existed. When he receives a strange stone called Blue Moon Narthex, Cole travels to the Coreseum with his two companions, Britten and Sasha, where he begins to understand the power of stone and the evil forces that are so kin in having it.

The story line is enjoyable and the idea of Karma matter balancing the good and evil in the world was refreshing to read. The writing style is very engaging and easy to follow. Unfortunately I didn’t connect with the story as well as I thought I would as I found a lot of similarities with the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson universes. Though the book takes a different turn after a while, I was disappointed with the lack of details of the period when the story takes place and the overly detailed descriptions like the educational process of the three main characters.

I definitely think that this novel is more turned to the middle graders level: magic, mystery, companionship and adventure. Overall, I give three stars for the writing style and the refreshing idea of the narthexes and the Karmanic universe!

Thank you NetGalley, Steel Page Press LLC and the author for allowing me to read and review a digital copy of this book.

3 Stars

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