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What’s a Soulmate? by Lindsey Ouimet

I’m not a fan of romantic novels but this on grabbed my attention because of the idea. It has originality even if the theme of YA follows the usual pattern.

In a world where people only see things in black and white, the colours appear when you find your soulmate. So far so easy, and it becomes more easy when you find your that soulmate is in juvie for a very serious crime. Okay, maybe not that easy. How about, prove his innocence? But, is he truly innocent? Then why didn’t he defend himself against the charges?

The style of writing kept me hooked to the pages and the storyline flows very nicely. The romance builds up from the beginning and it kept me anticipating when something would actually happen. The tension between the characters is very well described and I found myself thinking how would I react to a soulmate that is a real stubborn idiot that likes to offend people. However, the characters are very likeable. Libby is a strong female character that has a persistence of an army and only gets more fired up when she faces a challenge or a problem, which is exactly what she finds in Andrew, a wall of challenges and contradictions that will make her life very difficult. Andrew isn’t what he seems. Behind the cold and indifferent attitude, he’s tormented by the truth and refuses to open up to anyone.

I found that the end was a bit too predictable and long for what it was. It was really too much teenage-drama for me and a bit cliché. I would have liked to see a more mature approach since the whole adventure made the character face realities that go beyond adolescence.

In all, it was a fun, easy and quick read that will entertain. It’s a debut novel but I think there definitely is potential. I recommend it.

Thank you NetGalley, the publisher Evernight Teen and the author for allowing me to read and review a digital copy of this book.

4 Stars

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