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Ever the Hunted (Clash of Kingdoms #1) by Erin Summerill

Just… Wow! A very captivating story, written in a beautiful style that takes on a journey alongside Britta, the main female character. It’s very easy to follow, you don’t get lost in the story. I really had the sense of adventure and feeling with this novel even though I knew the phases of the story: the fate of the world lies in the hands of not-so-ordinary girl that is forced into a life-changing journey.

Ever the Hunted tells the story of Britta Flannery, a 17 year old girl that has her world turned upside-down by the death of her father. When Cohen McKay, her father’s apprentice disappears and is accused of his murder, Britta will embark on a dangerous journey in search of her father’s killer, where she will discover that she holds the power to bring change into her chaotic world.

The first thing I fell in love with was the descriptions of the settings. I’m not a fan of descriptions, but the way these are written, it’s like a melody, it just flows about and you just enjoy the sound. Even with its dangerous, it’s a world that I would love to jump in.

The second think I really enjoyed were the characters. Britta is an amazing protagonist, she adapts quickly to her surroundings, she’s fearless and relentless. At the same time, she’s also a teen in love and it’s nice to see how all the emotions are perfectly balanced in one character.

The plot twists definitely shake things a bit but I can’t say I was surprised. Then the cliffhanger at the end that will leave your nerves on edge.

A strong YA debut novel that is definitely worth your time!

Thank you NetGalley, HMH Books for Young Readers and the author for allowing me to read and review a digital copy of this book.

4 Stars

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